Melon color paint

Among the great variety of pastel colours, is the melon color paint which is one of the favorites by decorators with the intention of brightening up the environment of each house.

Over the past few years, it has become a trend to use pastel colors in the interior of houses, bearing in mind that this type of colors offers more freshness and clarity to each of them, something that can make a house a more comfortable place.

How to use melon color paint

Before painting our house, we must bear in mind that this is not a palette of colors, what we mean is that Melon color paintwe must avoid painting a room of one color, the living room of another and the kitchen of another.

When we intend to paint our home with melon paint, it is recommended to combine this color with pastel tones characterized by the same clarity, to keep the house in a single tune, which will also help to keep our eyes relaxed.

A melon colour tone for each room

Each home is made up of different spaces. For this reason, we advise you to use melon paint specifically on the aisle, entrance and lounge, but in different shades, the lighter house aisle and lounge, a little more intense.

We will also use melon paint to paint the rooms, all the same color, but with the use of different accessories and combined with colors of similar tones.

This is what really makes the difference between one decoration and another and if there are children, then we will choose to use happier tones, but always in line with the color palette.

Most people have the theory that white is an indispensable color in the decoration of a house. However, there are others that have stopped using it the way it was previously used to start using colors of other tones, but equally soft to give the home a quiet atmosphere.

In this sense, the melon color paint becomes the ideal paint for rooms. An excellent idea to be able to do this is to paint three walls of the room in a shade of this colour and the other wall and ceiling in a lighter shade.

If you like other fruit-inspired colors, you can find peach colored paint items, apple, orange, orange and mandarin.

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