Ochre colour paint

The ochre-colored paint is popularly known as a standard color between yellow and semi-clear and orange, which is also characterized by moderate saturation.

This type of paint can be easily found in every shade, from the lightest to the darkest.

How to achieve different shades of ochre

Before answering this question, it is necessary to know that ochre-coloured paint has been used for many years and was obtained by grinding or washing some ochre rich in ferric hydroxide such as the popularly known yellow ochre.

In fact, in the Roman painting yellow ochre was already used by the artists.

Or by mixing these shades of yellow ochre with one of a more orangeish shade.

In this way, several shades of ochre color painting could be achieved that was used to make spectacular canvases.

Ochre colour paintThe ochre colour is used as a base for other colours. This is the case of bone colour paint, terracotta colour paint, mustard colour paint, brick colour paint, brick colour paint or mahogany colour paint. In the latter, three shades of ochre are used in different percentages (red, black and yellow).

Special attention should be paid to the gouache paint as it is a primary component.

Below we leave a video for you to know how to obtain the ochre color.

Ocher paint types

  • Red ochre paint: This is a shade obtained from the reddish orange pigments resulting from heating yellow ochre. In this way, we can indicate that the result of this paint color depends on the composition of the original ochre paint. This shade of ochre is generally known as orange yellow or orange-red.
  • Light ochre and dark ochre paint: These are marketed as yellow and yellow orange paint in a very light shade that is often used mainly for watercolour painting. Contrary to this, dark ochre paintings are more blackish thanks to the result of semineutral to weak saturation.
  • Gold ochre colour paint: This type of ochre colour is very particular, as its name is the result of mixing a yellow ochre colour clarified with another shade of chrome yellow, resulting in a golden ochre colour. These shades can be obtained on the market in yellow or yellow orange shades that can go from very light to very dark.
  • Ochre meat color paint: This name is given to the shades of natural ochre color paints and currently, are normally marketed from red to orange reds, which can go from being semi dark to dark with the characteristic of having a weak to moderate saturation that allows them to have more variety.

Which ochre paint to buy

In our painting works we have tested many products, and in particular a few ochre ones. Our recommendation for this color is the ochre paint of Ecoccel which is also ecological.

If you don't have a clear idea of the different shades of ochre, take a look at the palette of colours.

Video about how ochre color is made:

What do you think of the ochre color for painting ? If you have any predilection for the types of ochre we have shown you, tell us where you would apply it. And of course, if you have any doubt leave it in the comments and we will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading us.

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