Paint for whiteboard

You can apply the paint for whiteboard on many surfaces in a simple way. They are often painted on a whiteboard in schools, businesses, churches, etc. They are used as an easy way to present written instructions such as brainstorming, agendas, rules, notes and much more.

And best of all, everything that is written on a whiteboard can be easily erased, giving you the ability to use the whiteboard as many times as you need.

If you need a whiteboard in your home or office making your own blackboard will help you save a lot of money. This process is not difficult and you will only need some materials.

Types of whiteboard paint

In the market we can choose between several paints that can be applied on different surfaces with the aim of achieving a whiteboard of good quality. For example, aerosol paints and water-based paints can serve us perfectly.

The main quality of these slate paints is that they can be fixed or applied on very different surfaces. The ceramic objects or clay as plates or bowls, receive very well this type of paint. Also objects of other material of metal or wood.

How to paint your own whiteboard

  • You should place newspaper on a flat surface, if you are inside, such as in your office, you should find a well ventilated place, look for a piece of wood and place it on the newspaper.
  • Now you must paint one of the plywood sides of the wood. This should be done with a can of white impregnation spray, then let the first coat dry and then apply another layer of paint, I recommend that you let the wood dry overnight.
  • You should get a 48-inch long by 36-inch high polypropylene sheet and an eighth of the waiting over the wood with the previously dried paint. Now we must measure 2 inches from each corner of the board and proceed to make a hole.
  • Finally, get one inch hexagonal bolts in each of the holes. Now you just have to secure the board and get some whiteboard markers to place them next to the board and you will have your own whiteboard either in your room, office or wherever you want. And the best thing to do without spending a lot of money.

Paint for whiteboard

Buy whiteboard paint

If you don't want to prepare the painting yourself, you can always buy whiteboard paint online.

If you want to do the opposite, paint with white chalk or light-colored chalk on a blackboard you have this other item of blackboard paint.

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