Reflective paint

The reflective paint is characterized by being composed of tiny glass spheres that allow its main use is in pieces or places that need to be easily seen during the night when the light shines on them.

It is usually used in conjunction with traffic signs, as well as on license plates.

Types of reflective paint

Reflective paintThe reflective paint can be found in two presentations, the main one being the reflective paint of light.

It is based on the glass particles that possess this kind of paint, and is frequently used in night-time places where you want to highlight a message such as signage, traffic and safety applications, car license plates or even bicycles, to provide athletes a safer travel during the night.

Its other presentation is the reflective paint of heat, that by its chemical components allows to reflect the ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun.

In this sense we can mention that the reflective paint of heat can be applied in ceilings and walls with the function of considerably reducing the temperature and heat within the chosen space.

Heat reflective paint is generally used on exterior surfaces of homes and buildings for this reason.

Benefits of reflective paint

The reflective paint has a good variety of benefits, its use is closely related to parts on motorways and tapes that must be fully visible for the safe transit of all people who travel in vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles .

One of the benefits to highlight from reflective paint is its resistance, so it is not easy to remove and can be found in several shades.

When this painting is illuminated by light, it tends to be seen in fluorescent colors and among its various presentations we can also find some that can be applied on the clothing and some types of cloth.

One of the best benefits of this paint is also its durability, which means something positive for people who use it or want to apply it on a surface.

It has also been called reflective paint, especially in use as bicycle paint.

An important part of reflective paints are used as traffic paint.

Video with demonstration of reflective painting:

I'm sure you already knew the reflective paint, if you are observant you will have seen it often on the street and roads. Any experience to tell about this type of painting?

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